cell culture compatible

OBI coined this phase “Cell Culture Compatible” to describe a transdermal delivery system which allows an active ingredient, or more importantly a finished formulation, to also be directly placed on “naked “ human cell cultures of keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts.

This requires the delivery system to possess a very low cytotoxicity and be of a particle size that allows both transdermal delivery (i.e. < 600 angstroms) and be viewed by the cells in the in vitro cell culture or in vivo intact skin as food. Thus, the critical importance of our bio-emulsifiers and selective enzyme release ingredients.

Termed Chylosome technology because it mimics the natural chylomicrons found in the body for delivery of nutritional ingredients to cells, these systems allow for a cost effective method of screening new ingredients and products which offer maximum proliferative augmentation with minimal irritation potential.

HyperVitamin Therapy™ Delivery

The ability to apply Omega 36 lipid arms to any Vitamin or bio-active molecule to produce a pro-vitamin or prodrug, allows optimized entry, low irritation and the use of very high concentrations of vitamins in a BioEster system for topical delivery.

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