OBI has developed a  >95% certified organic formulary in excess of 70 products for skin and hair which can also have the following characteristics:

Totally Petrochemical Free
All Natural ( all ingredients are directly from plants)
100% Food Grade
No Petrochemical Based Preservatives

OBI is under contract from its sister company, Owen Botanical Organics, Inc. to develop the key ingredients to allow a greater than 95% certified organic formulary for skin and hair. This requires a new generation of biosurfactants which are produced from certified organic ingredients such and coconut and palm oils which are reacted with sugars and amino acids which are also from certified organic carbohydrates (i.e., cane sugar and proteins (i.e., Soya).

OBI is a registered OTC drug product manufacturer by the FDA and the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services. All operations are current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliant. OBI is also certified as an Organic Processor under USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards and regulations. This certification allows OBI to manufacture products and ingredients that can display the USDA organic seal. This certification is recognized by the world’s leading organic agencies.

To say something is “organic” is useful in today's world. It assumes the original intent-the elimination of potentially toxic and proven toxic agents associated with pesticide/ herbicide application in conventional farming- has been accomplished. Unfortunately, little or not actual validation of this actually occurs. Modern instrumental analysis, such GC-MS allows the determination of these residues in food and natural oils at the parts per trillion levels. OBI is presently using a Varian Saturn 2100 GC-MS to validate the purity of all its raw materials going into the OBI Organic formulary.

exclusive certified NOP ingredients

  • Coconut Fatty Acids
  • Safflower Fatty Acids
  • Flaxseed Fatty Acids
  • Kukuiate Fatty Acids
  • Olivate Fatty Acids
  • Cod Liver Fatty Acids
  • Custom FA Blends
  • Coconut Glycerides
  • Safflower Glycerides
  • Custom Glyceride Blends
  • Sucrose Cocoate
  • Sucrose Soyate
  • Lauric Acid (distilled)
  • Glyceryl Monolaurate
  • ProBiotic Blends • Antioxidant Blend
  • Flaxseed Glycerides
  • Kukuiate Glycerides
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