aqueous based

OBI has specialized in the delivery of bioactive peptides and lipopeptides in aqueous gels. These lipopetides from Therapeutic Peptides, Inc. and Demegen offer the widest range of properties commercially available. These lipopeptide gels can be combined with magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and retinols and tocopherols delivered via suspended micro-sphere entrapment. There are no other surfactants in these products except the lipopeptide biosurfactants. This dramatically lowers the potential irritability of the formulations allowing greater bioactivity concentrations.

These are the most proliferative/low irritation topical products commercially available as determined via human in vitro cell culture. Human clinical trials have substantiated the in vitro test results.

standard emulsions

OBI has a series of o/w emulsions which have been formulated to offer wound healing/recovery, ultra moisturizing and/or sun protection properties with minimal free surfactant levels. Numerous viscosities and unique bioactive delivery methods (e.g., nanoemulsion or suspended micro-spheres) allow a wide variety of textures and feels to be achieved by these proven systems.


These 100-200nm particle size oil in water emulsions offer the most rapid delivery of oil soluble bioactive ingredients. These are generally added to an aqueous gel or standard emulsion to enhance the delivery or solubilization of lipophillic bioactive ingredients.


These are similar to nanoemulsions except they are comprised of all natural emulsifiers (lecithin, fatty acids, etc.). They can be incorporated into performance or certified organic formulations based on the bioactive lipophilic agents included in the bio-emulsion.


OBI has specialized in the development of surfactant free delivery technology. HydrophOBIc triglyceride and silicone bases are used as carriers for bioactive agents dissolved in transdermal delivery enhancers such as certified organic oleic acid. This allows the the very low irritation potential yet very high bioactive agent concentrations with controlled rapid delivery.

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