Variable Dosage Pulsed Titration

Pulsed means that the product is used for a day or several days, a resting period is then allowed with only a daily moisturizer being used. This results in a stimulation and resulting proliferation of the skin and allows for subsequent differentiation without continuous stimulation. By allowing this time increment, stimulation, proliferation and differentiation within the epidermis can be optimized without the irritation associated with daily use of high dosage bioactive proliferatives. You can think of this as a "micro-peel" without the office visit.

Epidermal differentiation is critical in order to maximize the thickness and health of the epidermis and stratum corneum but also allowing the formation of the differentiated layers within the epidermis (i.e., basal or germinal layer, spinous layer, granular layer and cornified layer or stratum corneum).

Titration allows different strengths of critical ingredients to be increased as required by the condition of the clients’ skin (photodamaged etc), age or simply preference. The Pulse process is still employed such with a stronger strength stimulant.

Pulsed Titration treatment regimen is delivered in a dual container for a reason. One side contains only water soluble/ ionic ingredients and the other side, which is generally anhydrous, containing only oil soluble ingredients.

Conventional single chamber delivered emulsions carry both ingredients in their respective “compartments” in either oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsion. Surfactants are used to allow this emulsification of the oil phase. Unfortunately, these surfactants are both irritating and do not allow stable emulsions in the presence of water high concentration soluble/ ionic ingredients. OBI HyperVitamin-delivery technology has removed all conventional surfactants from the product.

Pulsed Titration or pulse therapy contains the highest active bioactive mild pH ingredients available in a commerical product. Pulsed Titration regimen treatments when combined with Ultra low anti-inflammatory daily HyperVitamin Therapy™ (BK-FACED) and non-nano sunscreens provides both product stability, active ingredient stability, and safe bioactivity.

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