BioEmulsifiers / Omega 36 Bioesters
The key to low irritation delivery

OBI was founded on its ability to develop and manufacture low irritation yet very  effective delivery systems for the topical delivery of bioactives-especially proliferatives. We have developed an ability to minimize or eliminate conventional surfactants, via the use bioemulsifier/ Omega367 Bioester blends for emulsions or Bioesters alone as an anhydrous dermatological base. This has resulted in significant advances in low irritation, highly bioactive topicals which are designed to penetrate either slowly or rapidly. The need to develop new bio-emulsifiers has also resulted in the development of one of the only certified NOP organic emulsifiers.

Final formulary results from combining the aforementioned approaches with in vitro Cell Culture Compatible model screening. This allows optimization prior to expensive clinical trails. Nanoemulsions and microemulsions can be optimized even with the use of conventional biosurfactants (i.e., fatty acids, fatty sugars, fatty amino acids), by their careful selection, and ultra high pressure processing.

The development of a new generation of “edible bio-emulsifiers” by ourselves and others has allowed the development of “cell edible” emulsions, liposomes and nanoemulsions. These delivery systems are bioactive by themselves. Their very low toxicity allows them to be loaded with higher levels of proliferative or lightening bioactives than conventional surfactant/emulsion systems. Many of these new generation biosurfactants can be made via green chemistry routes allowing natural or even NOP organic certification.

We offer the best the world has to offer in processing technology, validation of ingredient purity, and both proprietary and patent pending ingredients only available through OBI.

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