OBI was founded from day one to design, test, and produce topical anti-aging formulations for the cosmeceutical personal healthcare industry that exceed the performance of existing products. To accomplish this, we maintain an advanced dermatoligical research group and a capacity to commercialize the critical bioactives that result from our research.

Our scientific mission is to elucidate the aging mechanism of skin and produce products that retard this process. OBI scientists are taking advantage of numerous recent discoveries, as well as those of its own personnel, to develop novel new ingredients and topical delivery technologies for combating the aging process.

The mission of all OBI staff is to focus on the practical problems of producing unique bioactives, including biotechnology based ingredients, for age effect prevention, reduction and repair of human skin.

Thus, our primary mission has, and always will be, to continue to attempt to understand dermal aging and manufacture products which retard, repair or prevent it.

Owen Biosciences, Inc. 2015